MLM Top 25 Successful Companies World-Wide

The Top 25 MLM Successful Companies and what they’re not telling you!


100 People To Talk To And So Little Time! This doesn’t seem like Leverage
to me!

There are always new mlm companies popping up! Many with similar products, compensation plans, blah blah blah!

While the Top 25 MLM Successful Companies are well established and contribute to the Billions in revenue, millions of people around the world have been exposed in one way or the other to the mlm or multi- level marketing industry. My family and relatives have also had their run with the mlm and direct sales industry as well. From companies like Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, Solavei, Usana, HerbaLife, BeachBody, Melaleuca and a host of many others we have been introduced to this industry in some way.

Recently, since the internet has evolved and other home-based companies have been created as an alternative to these traditional network marketing or mlm types that are beginning to rival the traditional business model names. Why is that? Online marketing without the requirement to recruit, enroll or sponsor with home parties, hotel meetings and traveling to events has become more enticing!

People are building a List! And doing it online with GREAT Success! Many new names like Empower Network, My Lead System Pro or MLSP, Elite Marketing Pro, Power Lead System, Traffic Monsoon, The Digital Affiliates, High Traffic Academy and many others have become more popular because they are different than the outdated model companies. How To Build Your Own Viral List

But why hasn’t there been a better success rate overall in the mlm industry? One thing you may notice is the common statement of the 97% failure rate! Some use this for marketing purposes and get the reader to “side” with them. While many may believe this to be true, is it accurate? Where does this statistic number come from? Why hasn’t anyone challenged this number?

And what defines the failure? That one isn’t making 6-figures?! What is the “secret to success” that is evading so many who join?

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Ugh, MLM is hard work! I should’ve started building a list from
the beginning!

MLM Companies – The Downside

Most of the Top 25 MLM companies you will find today operate from a very out-dated model!

Think home meetings, hotel meetings, white board presentations and cold call prospecting. And yes, they still want you to chase family and friends!
It seems to me that too many people struggle in the mlm industry than should be! Can you imagine someone having to go through 100 people just to get 10 interested and only a fraction of that 10 to actually take action?!

This is NOT using the Pareto Principle! You know, the 80/20 Rule!..LEVERAGE! What’s not being mentioned is the fact that the

top 25 mlm companies are NOT having the members build their own list! Why is that important? Because “the Money Is In The LIST” and it should belong to those who build it! After all, they are in business for themselves! That’s also what many top mlm leaders aren’t tellin people! Even if some of them were, not enough people are doing it! This is a crucial thing in order to have real success! One last thing, there IS an alternative to mlm for earning income from home or living the laptop lifestyle!

Listen to Derek Halpern in this video i placed below about why you should build a list!

Regardless of the top 25 mlm companies you choose to be involved with, or NOT, you MUST consider this..

Leverage is the key! Make the most of your efforts by creating your list! Once you’re ready to build your own list

and seriously earn residual income, start by using the same system i use here How To Build Your Own Viral List